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I can’t stop writing because I’m in my spicy romance era.


Here’s what’s coming up over the next few years and what to expect.

Regally Binding: An enemies to lovers bodyguard romance (Closest Protection Series Book 1)

I have never loved a book or romance hero more than I love Regally Binding and Bear the bodyguard.

So, you think you’ve swooned and fantasised before? You’ve not come close. Bear is grumpy and brooding. He looks like Tom Hardy, he talks like a filthy bastard, and he f***s like the bad boy you’ve always dreamed of. But he has a saviour complex that gets him into trouble, too.

And he’s the kind of mregally binding tropesan to throw a woman over his shoulder when she’s not behaving, and he does it to Liss, the accidental princess, more than once.

This is what you’ll find in Regally Binding:
❤️‍🔥enemies to lovers – their meeting is the best
❤️‍🔥forbidden love – even an accidental princess shouldn’t have “fun” with her bodyguard
❤️‍🔥forced proximity – her life is in danger, and he’s meant to protect her
❤️‍🔥so much banter
❤️‍🔥 found family – but it’s not necessarily the family she thinks she’s looking for
Regally Binding, an enemies-to-lovers spicy bodyguard romance, will be released on Tuesday June 25th. You can preorder the eBook here. It will also be available in paperback and on Kindle Unlimited.


Also coming up

Go Cook Yourself

A spicy grumpy v sunshine enemies to lovers romance (Cloud Cookery School Series Book 1)

Dual POV, 1st person. Out 5th November 2024.

After catching her boyfriend cheating with her best friend, Ruby returns to her family’s business, the Cloud Cookery School. It’s been six years since she turned her back on her family.
Gareth Kelsey has lost his restaurant, his livelihood, and, worst of all, his dog to Clive, his ex-business partner. Just when he thinks life can’t get any worse, Ruby turns up at work, insists she’s in charge and asks him to help her win Clive’s competition.
But the more time Ruby and Gareth spend working together, the more they start to like each other and an irresistible attraction forms. But they must fight their feelings because Gareth is moving away, and Ruby is determined to make the school a success. Plus, Gareth is keeping a huge secret that could ruin everything between them. Can they endure it all, or are they destined to break each other’s hearts?


Start Your Engines

A brother’s best friend enemies to lovers sports romance (Coulter Formula One Racing Team Series Book 1) 

Fake A Chance On Me

A fake dating sports romance (The Bulls Rugby Series Book 3)

Bodyguard Book 2

Strike’s and Millie (Title TBC): A second chance, friends to enemies to lovers bodyguard romance (Closer Protection Series Book 2)

I’m also featured in a couple of anthologies this year too.

As I said, my spicy romance era!

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