Regally Binding – An enemies to lovers bodyguard romance (Closest Protection Series 1)

Liss is an average twenty-something woman with a regular job working in a bar…until the day she learns during a televised broadcast that her grandma had an affair with the king decades ago and she might be his granddaughter.

The dying king’s announcement throws Liss into a world of paparazzi, royal parties, and death threats. But it also gives her hope that she could finally be part of a family, something she’s wanted her whole life and especially after her mum died when Liss was nineteen. Now she has to decide if she’s ready to give up her privacy, safety, and independence to be a princess.

To protect Liss in all this danger and stress is her swoonworthy new bodyguard, Bear. He’s cheeky, grumpy, and has secret tattoos beneath his suits. He’s also stubborn and bossy and clashes with Liss constantly. But Bear has a soft side too. He sits with Liss when she sleeps to make sure she doesn’t have nightmares and buys her stunning ballgowns to make her happy.

It’s not long before all the bickering and tension morphs into sizzling hot chemistry. Both Liss and Bear know that giving into their attraction is a terrible idea…but it’s getting harder and harder to fight their feelings for each other.
Will Bear keep Liss alive long enough for her to decide her future? And what if the one person keeping her safe is the same person she can’t live without?

Fans of Tessa Bailey will enjoy this spicy romance novel that is The Princess Diaries meets The Bodyguard. It features forced proximity, enemies to lovers, forbidden love, and found family tropes with anxiety representation.

This book contains sexual situations and language only suitable for those aged 18+


Keep in Touch – A sweet coming-of-age love story

Keep in Touch love storyLucie is an anxious seventeen-year-old struggling with anxiety attacks, painfully low self-esteem and loneliness while trying to live up to the expectations of her controlling dad, who has mapped out her entire future. But it’s not the future she wants.

One weekend, she meets Chris “with the beautiful green eyes and dimples when he smiles”. He’s a charming high school graduate with a bad reputation who couldn’t possibly be interested in someone like her.

Chris makes Lucie feel alive like she never has before, and the two become inseparable. Lucie starts to fall for Chris and wonders if he feels the same way about her. But they’re torn apart before confessing their feelings for one another.

Eight years later, they bump into each other by total coincidence. As the story flips between past and present, Lucie and Chris relive the memories of their weekend and hash out what exactly went wrong between them. They both feel the romantic connection from that weekend years ago. Will they have a chance at a future together? Or are their feelings better left in the past?

Fans of Jenny Han, and of One Day by David Nicholls will enjoy this dual-timeline sweet coming-of-age romance featuring second chance, first love, and forbidden love tropes and anxiety representation.



Stalling in Love – A steamy opposites attract romance: (The Bulls Rugby Series Book 2)

Evie is the woman your parents warned you about; dangerous, rebellious, and unable to keep her mouth shut. She hides a kind heart, her passion for dancing, and a past she’s desperate to forget. But the past won’t stop feeding her insecurities, and to make it worse, she has another secret; she’s in love with her best friend, Josh, and he’s her ex-boyfriend’s teammate too.

Josh is sexy, bearded and a mess. He has a painful secret and a lifetime of pressure. His dad demands he toes the line while excelling as a rugby star, but his heart directs him to Evie, the only woman who makes him happy and the one who risks it all. His rugby career is failing, he’s getting into fights, and his life is falling apart, but is it because of his dad or the woman he can’t resist?

The last time Evie and Josh were alone, they ended up with passionate regrets on his bedroom floor. Faced with each other again, their lives unravel as they keep their desires at bay. But destiny is coming for them, and they can only fight their scorching chemistry for so long. Their secrets are getting harder to hide, and their reputations are in tatters. Does the complicated friendship stand a chance of love, or will passion consume them before they can find out?

Content warning: Some content within Stalling in Love may be disturbing or triggering for some readers. Reader discretion is advised. Subjects include death (off and on page), adult grooming (off page/past) and some family emotional abuse (on page/not aggressive).

This book contains sexual situations and language only suitable for those aged 18+


Head Over Feels: An enemies to lovers steamy sports romance (The Bulls Rugby Series Book 1)

Are you ready to meet the man who will make you fall in love with rugby hunks and won’t let you down? This is my debut novel and is set within the face-paced and sexy world of rugby. It’s time to fall in love with your new book boyfriend.

Sophia is a good girl who’s never taken a risk, had a passionate relationship or done anything to upset those around her; including her ineffective boss, and perfect mother. Everything changes the night she trips and falls into the arms of Aidan.

Aidan is a playboy rugby star and painter. He lives his life to the fullest and avoids commitment, knowing he might be carrying a hereditary disease that killed his dad. He’s cocky, charming and used to getting what he wants. After one meeting he’s certain he wants Sophia.

Sophia is torn between keeping Aidan at bay and fulfilling her new desires, while Aidan is faced with a decision; does he hold tight to his secrets or to the woman who could destroy all his rules. As the passion grows so does the danger, after all, Aidan isn’t the only one with a secret.

This book contains sexual situations and language only suitable for those aged 18+


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Occupational Hazard: An Anthology of Sexy Workplace Stories

If you’re missing your sexy work crush, want to relive those night out fantasies or desperate to bring the heat to your commute, then Occupational Hazard will give you what 2020 hasn’t.

These mouth-watering stories have a work focus from the factory floor to a trip to the hairdressers to a romance that blossoms on the set of a sexy reality show. This collection breaks the mould, every setting is different, and every couple is in a different stage of their relationship. The anthology includes first romance, exes, an established married couple, and second chance. Women with men, women with women and those impacted by some of life’s more challenging experiences. Everyone gets to journey through their desires in this anthology, and maybe it’s your turn to enjoy yours too.

It also features a sneak peek of my debut contemporary romance, Head Over Feels.


The Jump

best women's eroticaThis short story features in The Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4 anthology, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

Poppy is on a mission. She’s been treated like a working-class lottery winner for too long. It’s time for her to show herself and her ex-boyfriend’s family that no one tells her what she can and can’t do.
The only problem is she has to jump out of a plane and she’s terrified.
Can she find the courage and will the attractive instructor tease her into trying something new or provoke the biggest mistake of her life?


Aphrodite’s Garden

Erotic TeasersThis short story features in Erotic Teasers (A Cleis Anthology), edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

At weekends the expensive Greek restaurant, Aphrodite‘s Garden, becomes a place where sexual tease and unspoken promise reign. It’s an evening every customer remembers forever.
Athena is an expert server who knows how to seduce the clientele and give them the full experience.
But what happens when one ladies’ night an old friend enters the restaurant and tests everything she has to offer.

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