The Boss Returns – Office Romance


Boss sex on desk. Office romance.


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Head down and keep to yourself.

It had become my mantra since word had gone around that the company owner, Mr Self-Assured, was in the building. If asked, I’d have said that I hadn’t thought of him since the day he went down on me in the boardroom, but he’d featured in every fantasy. I clenched my thighs tightly together as I attempted to force all sexual thoughts away. Still, the memories of his deep northern timbre demanding I pleasure myself for him was impossible to ignore. I couldn’t face him again. Even when I watched two people passionately kissing on television, I imagined it was his lips on mine and his hands sliding up my thighs beneath my skirt. I still wanted to punch him too.

Three times in the last fortnight, I’d been caught daydreaming in meetings and had to lie my way out of the situation. Each time, I’d been staring at the space next to the door where he’d slid two fingers inside me and demanded I come for him. When I closed my eyes, that growl replayed on a loop inside my head. For days I had to wear blouses that covered the mark he’d left on my neck, but the mark he’d left on my soul hadn’t faded as easily. Instead, the ecstasy from the orgasm was imprinted on my skin, much to my annoyance. I’d experienced nothing like it, and instead of him making good on his promise to give me another one as he bent me over his balcony, I hadn’t seen him since due to a sudden trip that kept him away from the office.

I’d become a sad stereotype or a porn website category depending on your preferences. A boss, his salesgirl and a meaningless fuck. If he’d taken anyone else from the office to such heights, then they’d kept quiet about it. Maybe that was why he had groupies in accounts. Had each woman in that team fucked him in turn before he’d gone on a “business trip”?

My inner voice annoyed me. I was bitter because of his rejection. I’d spent months fantasising about fucking him while loathing everything about him. And now, after no calls or messages, he was back in the office.

“Is he here for the away day?” I caught the whisperings from the desks behind me.

It was the company team building day. A coach would transport everyone to an outward bound centre where we’d paddleboard and tackle high ropes before getting knee walking drunk and escorted home. Inevitably half the staff would hook up before pretending they hadn’t. It led to months of speculation about who did who where. Around me, teams hollered and cheered in giddy delight.  But it was a day I dreaded. It was another day of showing no weakness and taking on every challenge so that the guys beneath me didn’t give me shit for the rest of the year. I’d be the one remaining largely sober so that I didn’t do anything I’d regret, like in my old place where I was known as the woman who photocopied her tits at the Christmas party. How was I to know I’d left a copy in a client’s folder? We got a massive sale as a result, but I was forever known as Tits McGee.

“He’s here,” Susie from accounting whispered loud enough for her team and me to hear. I gritted my teeth. Bossman should still be away. I’d checked with his assistant, and she’d insisted he had a massive situation to deal with in China. It’s what had taken him away urgently a fortnight ago and had kept him there since.

But you don’t care. I’d psyched myself to ignore him as soon as I knew he was in the building. Yet, I was still gently rocking my pelvis under my desk at the memory of having his tongue on my clit. Fucker.

“Hi, guys. How are we all doing?” His northern drawl made me lick my lips. How did he sound so fucking confident all the time when I was a ball of anger and sexual frustration?

“Neil, how’s the family?” When did he turn into Mr Jovial? He usually walked around the place with a scowl that would set your knickers on fire if he looked at them. But, instead, his chuckle set my teeth on edge. “No work talk today. It’s the away day remember? No work, just fun.”

The slow way he said fun made my skin tingle. How fucking dare he be all laughter, buddying up to the staff while I was unsuccessfully using every toy in my arsenal when alone at night? His touch had ruined me.

“I’m sure you’ll drink us all under the table,” he said to someone else in the office. It was as if each footstep made my pussy quake in anticipation. I yanked my headphones from my drawer and shoved them over my head and onto my ears, flipping the switch quickly, so it paired with my phone. Nineties pop played loudly in my ears, drowning out the charming ways he was cajoling each person in the office. I didn’t need to witness it to imagine the women drooling as he slid his shirt sleeves up and revealed his muscular forearms that could pin a woman against him. The men would be grouped around him, too, as he told amusing anecdotes with the ease of someone who could make people do what he wanted with a wink of an eye or a smile.

Maybe he wouldn’t be wearing his typical button-down shirt. It was the away day. Would he be wearing a t-shirt that clung to his broad body and jeans that hinted at a butt that I’d sell my soul to squeeze? I shook my head gently to force the images away. He didn’t get to have my fantasies anymore, not since he’d left me high and dry. You have to stay strong.

I attempted to ignore the irony of the wetness pooling in my knickers at the idea of him leaving me high and dry. I hadn’t been dry since he’d held my arms above my head and slipped his hand beneath my dress. Who was I kidding? I hadn’t been anything but soaking wet since the first day I’d spoken to him. That coarse voice, which carried enough arrogance to make my eyes roll, had infiltrated every fibre of my being and claimed it for his own. But I refused to be his plaything. He couldn’t have me again.

His musky scent crept into my body. My stomach tightened at the smell. It had to be muscle memory from hearing his voice. Breath on my neck made goose pimples prickle my arms. Fingers brushed my skin as my headphones were pushed off my head.

“Didn’t you hear me, gorgeous,” he whispered in my ear. My wetness increased, reminding me that if I weren’t careful, I would soak through the stretchy black gym leggings I’d worn for the team building. He couldn’t make me that wet, surely? “I said no work today.”

I pulled away from him as he spun my seat so I was facing him. I grabbed at my headphones as if having something to grip would protect me from the arousal that flamed when he was close. “Maybe I’m fed up of listening to the bullshit that comes out of your mouth, boss,” I replied through gritted teeth. Then, with a flick of my eyes, I looked him up and down. Jeans hung low on his waist so that if he stretched, I knew his t-shirt would climb and reveal the v of his hips. Would there be a tuft of hair there? Don’t imagine it. But I was already considering what activities would make him stretch high enough to reveal his muscles.

He shrugged and tilted his head. “That’s fair. I do speak a lot of bullshit.”

His cocky attitude snapped me out of my thoughts. I raised my eyebrows and gripped my headphones tighter. “Shouldn’t you be getting to your fan base or working the room? You do it so well, and you know you love it when people fall at your feet.” I say with a glare.

“I remember enjoying being on my knees at your feet,” he replied. He teased his upper lip with the tip of his tongue before smiling in a way that made me hate him and crave him.

Do not blush or give him the satisfaction of knowing he affects you. “Not so much that you kept your date promise, though.”

“I need to explain that-“

“Sir, will you be joining us on the coach to the outward bound centre?” one of the accounting ladies asked as she wiggled her hips and straightened her denim skirt. Who wore a tiny denim skirt on high ropes? But I couldn’t blame her. I wanted to get his attention, too, especially now he was in front of me and reminding me what it was like to have his mouth on my pussy. He barely turned away from me. “No, I’ll be driving. I’m afraid I have a bit of business I need to take care of with one of my sales team.”

He raised his eyebrow as he glanced at my breasts. That challenge made me cross my arms and legs in defiance. I swore his cock twitched as I huffed. “I believe you said no work today, Sir.” Disdain filled my last word.

“And you said you were fed up with the bullshit that came out of my mouth,” he hit back.

I closed my eyes and seethed. I hated that I still wanted him while all the while knowing he’d used me and ditched me.

“Right, everyone,” he shouted through the office with a rallying cry. “We’ve got some challenges to win and some drinks to enjoy. I shall see you all there just as soon as I go through some sales figures. The first person on the coach wins the first money bundle.”

He knew how to motivate the staff. Teams jumped up grabbed their belongings while shouting to each other. “You’re going down, nerds,” was deflected with “Just like your dad did last night, purchasing,” amongst other equally banal trash talk.

Within minutes the entire office was empty except for him and me.

“Now, about those sales figures,” he said, grabbing a chair and wheeling it over to my desk. “We need to deal with an emergency sales situation due to issues with our suppliers. We need to work out how to keep our clients in Dubai sweet while also letting them down gently. You have that relationship with them.”

“Are you serious? We’re actually talking work?”

His thigh briefly touched mine before he moved back a little giving me space. Was he sensing my hesitation?

“You know I hate to repeat myself, but this once I will; we are talking work. I like being alone with you, and if I had my way, I’d ease you over this desk, grab your hips and bury my cock inside you, but I needed to sort out what’s happening with Dubai,” he said matter of factly. The picture he’d briefly painted flashed in front of me. I licked my lips. How could he say such things so easily before moving back to work? It was as if he was talking about what cereal to have rather than having me pinned to his desk, dripping with sweat as he fucked me in the middle of the office. He continued to explain himself. “I’ve been in China for the past fortnight sorting out suppliers after two of our factories were petrol bombed. I’ve been working twenty-hour days, and I’m exhausted, but I wanted to get this problem solved so I could enjoy the day and maybe finally get back to what I was doing before I left.”

I ignored the subtext. If he was talking about doing me, he was going to be disappointed. I wasn’t that easy for him to “get back to”.

For ten minutes, we discussed the possibilities of how to smooth over the issues with our Dubai clients while ignoring the blistering sexual tension between us. When he moved his glasses up to his head in frustration, I smoothed a wave of hair behind my ear, causing him to rub his fingers subconsciously. Occasionally his cock would twitch when I leant forward in my strappy top, or my legs would tremble when we stared at my screen, and his breath heated my neck. Finally, when our thighs came into contact again, I swallowed the gasp of need but the way I gulped still caught his attention, and he let out the briefest of grunts before covering it with a clearing of his throat.

“And you’re happy to have fifty per cent next week and the rest by the end of the month?” I repeated to the client. Bossman grinned next to me as waves of stress rolled off his shoulders. It was another reminder that this powerful man was under a lot more pressure than I’d realised. “Excellent news. I shall put that in writing in an email to you now.”

I added a little laugh down the phone as my favourite purchasing officer made a joke that wasn’t funny, but it didn’t hurt to make them think they were hilarious, especially as they were doing me more of a favour than they realised. Bossman did a soundless fake laugh as he took the piss out of me.

I rolled my eyes and mouthed “fuck you” back at him.

“Yes, please,” he growled quietly, effortlessly switching from relieved to horny.

“Thank you, that’s great,” I spoke down the phone, ignoring the heat in my belly that was desperate for my attention. “Have a great day, and let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.” Even though I was speaking to my client, my gaze was locked with Bossman’s as I said it. “Bye.”

I put the phone down as Bossman whispered, “I’m pretty sure I owe you one, but I’m happy to take you up on the offer.” He rubbed his eyes and yawned as he teased. Had he slept at all over the last two weeks?

I leaned in closer, whispering in his ear so that he had a view of my chest and swollen nipples. “How about you sleep in your office for an hour while I sort out this email to the client, and then we can head to the outward bound place?” He wasn’t the only tease in the room.

He sat back in his chair and stared at me. “You’re not joking, are you? You’d do that for me when you have every right to ignore me after the last fortnight? I have an explanation for not being in contact, by the way.”

It was my turn to shrug. “You don’t have to explain right now.”

“You must know by now I’ll explain whether you want me to or not? I wanted to get in touch. I missed you and thought about you way more than I should have done, but I didn’t know how to get hold of you without the sort of consequences that could have given me a lawsuit. I didn’t know if you regretted what had happened. I crossed a line in that boardroom, and I wouldn’t have blamed you for reporting me. There was no way I could email you here or try and get your number from HR without crossing more lines. I don’t want you to sleep with me because you’re worried about your job.” His soft brown eyes implored me for understanding. I saw more sides to him than I expected

I wanted to trust him. His explanation made sense. “Not just doing the right thing but being seen to do the right thing?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly that. But I did think about you every day, every second of every day, when I wasn’t trying to deal with the petrol bomb thing,” he winced.

There was more to the story, but this wasn’t the time. “Go and sleep so I can finish sorting this out,” I replied, pointing to his office.

He gave me a half-smile. “Okay, but I did think about you-”

“Go,” I shouted.

“Fuck, woman. I thought I was the Boss, but you can do that again,” he said with a wink before striding to his office.


An hour later, I found him snoring as he slept across the sofa in his office. I stared at him against my better judgement before slipping the glasses off the top of his head and putting them safely on his desk. I stepped away, desperate to avoid the temptation to touch him. His chest rose and fell. Seeing his face soft and his mouth filth and insult free was unexpected. It was a new side to him, and all my questions about what was going on rose as I stared. Was this just sex between us, or had we returned to boss and subordinate? The activities at the outward bound centre would be continuing for another couple of hours, and we could join in if we left now. Still, I didn’t want to disturb him. One more glance at his worn face reminded me he was dealing with stuff I couldn’t understand, and sleep would do more for him than any team building.

“You can join me on the sofa if you want,” he mumbled with a soft yawn that made my heart flutter more than I’d admit.

“I didn’t want to disturb you,” I replied from the corner of the room.

He lifted his body to sit with his back against the sofa, his feet firmly on the floor. “You can’t disturb me, gorgeous, “ he replied with a twinkle in his eye and a smug grin across his face. I fought the temptation to test his words but was distracted when he stretched his arms up in the air and gave a massive yawn. I was proved right about his t-shirt. With his arms high in the air, he revealed the ripples of his belly muscles. A smattering of hair that led beneath his jeans cried out for my touch, but what if I started something I couldn’t finish?

“We’ve got the whole office to ourselves and nowhere to be.” Then, with his elbow resting on the arm of the sofa, he tilted his head and lent on his knuckles. Fuck, those knuckles had reached into my fantasies for the past fortnight. No guy had rubbed my crotch like that before. The sensations had opened a need to be fucked hard. Could I ask him to rub them against me again without sounding desperate?

“I think we’ve got somewhere to be. Remember? They’re waiting for us at the outward bound place?” I crossed my arms over my chest again, drawing his eyes. Had I done that on purpose? Then, with heavy-lidded eyes, he slowly took my body in. The desire clouding his gaze as it climbed my body left me wanting. It was as if I was naked for him.

“We’ve got time.” His voice was low and thrummed through my body.

“What if I don’t want to do anything?” I replied sassily. “What if last time was a blip and I’m dating someone now or wanting something you can’t give me?”

He held his hands out flat, palms upwards, in surrender. “Then we get into my car and head to the forest where we can meet everyone else. No pressure and no expectation. Whatever you want. I want you again. I’m pretty sure I was dreaming about you and me on a beach. I was sliding my hands under your dress as you demanded I fuck you with everything I had. But I’m good with whatever you want.”

I wanted that too. Turmoil unravelled in my stomach. As much as I craved him, I was scared of being vulnerable again. He’d left before without a goodbye, and now was he back because he wanted something? What would stop him from repeating what had happened before? I dropped my gaze, unable to look at him as I opened up to him. “I don’t know if I can trust you again after last time. It was good, but a part of me felt used when what I needed was control. I know what you’ve said, but yeah, I don’t know.”

“Then use me,” he growled. I suddenly looked into his eyes. Was he serious? “Use me however you want.”

I wetted my lips. My legs refused to move even as he hooked his finger and beckoned me closer. Heat climbed through my limbs. He opened his legs wider. “It won’t end like last time. I’m not going anywhere. We’ll have our date. I still have a promise to keep about a balcony if you want it. But first, use me.”

The nights of yearning for his touch overwhelmed reason, and I walked closer, kicking off my trainers. Standing between his thighs, I leant in, grabbing his face between my hands. My fingers were delicate against the stubble on his cheeks. But there was nothing gentle about the way his mouth opened to me. I pulled his bottom lip between my teeth before meeting his tongue with mine. Heat fused with need, and his hands fisted in my hair, pulling the elastic of my ponytail free. His tongue massaged mine as he pulled me into him. I reached down and rubbed his hardening cock through his jeans. It juddered against my hand as he tried to pull my top up and over my head. We were a mess of limbs and lips. Arousal scorched us as we panted against each other, and his musk burned the back of my throat, sealing him to me.

I couldn’t get close enough. I wanted more, but I also wanted control. How could I take from him all I wanted?

“Wait,” I said, pulling back. His eyes were darker now as I arched my back and owned the curves I’d revealed in my bra and leggings. His hands reached out, but I swatted them away as I turned to face the wall before sliding my leggings over my bum and slowly down my thighs and off. Then, with a glance over my shoulder, I revelled in the enamoured way he watched me.

He rubbed his cock through his jeans as I wiggled my bum for him. “You don’t get to touch your dick yet. Only when I say.” His whole body shivered as he rested his hands on his thighs. I had this powerful man to do my bidding, and I intended to make the most of it.

“You gonna fight me for it, sweetness?”

I smiled before flicking the clasp on my bra and letting the straps slip down and off. Then, still facing the wall, I continued to stare over my shoulder at him. He waited with bated breath. During our moment in the boardroom, he hadn’t seen me naked like I was about to be for him.

“Show me,” he requested as I continued to wait. I wanted him to beg. I enjoyed hearing the man who controlled a massive company and influenced powerful leaders into doing what he wanted, submitting to me as he pleaded for my body.

“What’s the magic word?” I asked before biting my lip in a way he couldn’t resist. His groan was my reward.

“Please, show me. I need you.” Desperation clouded his voice, and I bent over and slipped my knickers off with a smile. I sat on his lap, my breasts in my hands and ground myself against him. He was rock hard beneath me. His kisses covered my neck, and one hand trailed down my side before reaching my swollen clit. His groans vibrated his body against me as his finger quickly coated in my wetness, ran circles around my clit. Sensations I’d Ionged for made me writhe against him as my arousal climbed higher. I buckled against his hard body as I moaned in his ear. “Fucking hell, I want you so much.”

But before I could get my release, I turned and straddled him. “Play with me,” I growled into his ear. The depth of need in my voice surprising me.

His finger slipped quickly inside, and I rode his hand as his thumb pleasured my clit. My nipples rubbed against his t-shirt, adding to the orgasmic flush rising through me. One of his hands was at my pussy while the other pressed the back of my head to his. We made out like horny co-workers at the Christmas party. Anyone could find us if they came to the office, but instead of holding back, I thrust against his hand. “Use me, gorgeous,” he begged between kisses.

I cried out as he kissed and sucked at my neck. Our breaths, a mixture of panting and heat, filled my core. My climax, a result of too many nights spent wanting, climbed quickly, but before I let it take me, I made one more demand. “Fuck me, Boss.”


“Fuck me in your office,” I demanded as I reached for the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. His body was glorious. It was hard in all the right places with dark hair across his chest. I barely had the chance to sprinkle kisses on his muscles before unsnapping his belt and pulling down his zipper. His cock sprung free, and I wrapped my hand around it. I ran my palm up and down his thick length as it swelled against me.

“Baby, you can’t do that for too long. I want to be inside you.” His deep voice penetrated my body.

“Baby?” I whispered.

“Cheesy, but I went with it. Was it too-”

“It will do,” I said with a grin before stepping away from him. I found the condom I’d hid underneath the plant pot earlier in the week when hoping for this moment. I cut him off before he could make a smart-arsed quip. “Now shut up and fuck me.”

“Yes, boss,” he cheeked with a salute. “So much sass.”

A smile conquered my mouth as I sat on the edge of his desk and beckoned him forward with a crooked finger. He pushed his jeans down and kicked them off with his trainers before rushing toward me so quickly he nearly barrelled me over. He bent down and licked my nipple as he rubbed a finger over the other one. I pushed my pelvis forward as my body quivered against his touch. I had so much I wanted to do with him, but there was one fantasy I was yet to live out.

“Wait,” I shouted, stopping him in his tracks. “I want to do what you said earlier.”

His furrowed brow made me smile, and as I shoved him off, I turned and bent over his desk.

“Fucking hell,” he growled as he gave my ass a quick slap. He stroked himself as he watched me. His hungry gaze was taking me all. He tore the condom wrapper with his teeth before sliding the condom over his cock and down.

The anticipation held me fixed in awe of what was about to happen. I gripped the edge of the desk tightly as I prepared myself for him. Heat owned my body. Had I built it up too much?

As if he heard my thoughts, he stepped forward and grabbed my hip while rubbing his erection against me and positioning himself. “Are you ready for me?” He growled, his deep timbre making me whimper nearly as much as the hope for mind-blowing pleasure. He slid his cock inside me and filled me quickly. His hands pinched at my hips as he waited. My body shook, but I refused to beg for him. Our moment was as much a battle of wills as need.

As if he accepted I would never plead with him, he slowly eased out before tightening his grip on my hip and thrusting back inside me. Again he pulled out before pushing back with more power than before. My eyes rolled around in my head, and I screamed his name as he fucked me harder than I’d had in years.

All the nights spent imagining it was his fingers inside me had been nothing compared to this. His sweaty naked skin hit mine with force as he got deeper each time. The wood of the desk was cold and hard against my body. I rose on my toes as I willed him to go deeper.

“I could do this all fucking day. I can’t get enough of you,” he murmured between groans.

The force of pressure built higher as I reached for my clit to send my pleasure soaring, but he slapped my hand away. His body bent over mine as he rubbed for my clit, already swollen from the coarseness of his fingers.

He continued to push himself deeper inside me, making me cry out as he licked and sucked at my skin. My hands were flat against the desk as I matched his rhythm with my own. I pushed back to meet him harder, and his skin slapped against mine as the smell of sex filled the air.

I was dizzy from all the sound of blood rushing in my ears. His hand moved from my hip to my front, and he pulled me up and against his torso as he continued to rub my clit. He growled something about my tits as his hand squeezed my breast. My hunger for orgasm overwhelmed me.

“I need more,” I cried out breathlessly.

His teeth scraped my ear before his lips caressed my neck. Finally, when I wasn’t sure I could take anymore, he thrust into me so hard that light exploded behind my eyes, and I screamed his name as my climax erupted. My body shuddered with him still deep inside me, forcing his orgasm. We shook violently against each other. I turned my head and managed to kiss him as he came inside me. His tongue was in my mouth as I clung to him.

Sweat rolled down my body as he gripped me tightly. My legs were giving way, but he wasn’t letting me go. We collapsed together on top of the desk as our orgasm ebbed. His hair bristled my back as he held me to his broad body, but it was the emotional closeness that surprised me.

“Thank you, baby,” he whispered in my ear.

“My pleasure, Boss,” I managed between gasps of air. I knew as I left the office that my skin would carry his scent. I gave a slight smile at the thought.

As my heartbeat returned to something vaguely normal, I asked the question that scared me. “So what now? Do we head to the outward bound place?”

He chuckled in what sounded like surprise. “I thought you might demand I pleasure you again. Maybe in my car with my finger this time.” I shivered in surprise. I wanted his fingers inside me already. “In about an hour, the team will all be drunk and they won’t care that we’re not there. I’ve put a thousand quid behind the bar. I’m going to take you on the date I promised and then the balcony if you’ve still got the energy.”

I had more than enough energy. “But what if something comes up. You’re a busy guy.”

“If I can work out how, then I’m turning my phone off,” he said before pulling me up and turning me around. I wrapped my legs around him as he spoke between kisses. The skin of his thighs was hot between my legs.

“What do you mean if you can work out how? You own several massively successful companies,” I asked as I ran my nails up and down his back.

He shrugged. “I’ve not turned a phone off in three years.”

I licked his upper lip before kissing him softly. I had no idea what was happening between us, but I couldn’t get enough of him and didn’t want it to stop.

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The Boss – Enemies to lovers short story

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I leant back in my chair and sighed loudly. The sound of his name brought out my inner bitch, and she was pissed off.

It was another meeting with the man who swaggered around like he was god’s gift to business and women. From the moment I’d met him, I knew he’d find ways to make my life hard. I tried to be polite, and then I avoided him, but he always found a way to get under my skin with his loud northern accent and his affinity to make everyone around him laugh in genuine amusement. I could understand if it was only women that hung on his word. Since the day he’d strode into the office, tossed his jacket on the chair, and rolled up his sleeves, the office women had been mesmerised, and when the CEO announced him as the guy who’d taken over the company, the women wanted him more. Was it because he had the power to make them do whatever he wanted?

The men adored him as well. He talked with enthusiasm about sports, joked with them at the annual barbecue and let everyone try his top-shelf alcohol.

But I hated the guy. Why? Because he repeatedly found ways to make my job difficult. My sales figures were never enough. Maybe the others liked being pushed to be better, but I think he needed to learn to manage his expectations. He’d cut my department twice in the two years since he’d started, and he’d forced me to let go of some people who’d given a lot to the company. His demands were relentless, and he never apologised. But I hated him because even with all that, I spent my nights naked and sweaty, imagining what he could do to me if I asked him to.

Had I imagined the way he glanced at my legs when I wore my tight shift dress? It was a favourite for the office because it gave me a bad boss energy. The day I bent over his desk to point out that I was hitting every target every week, I swore he shifted himself in his chair a little. I won’t deny that I hadn’t expected to reveal so much of my chest or that my lacy bra’s lace might have been on show. The dark, almost hungry look he’d given me as I’d turned to glare at him before I’d left the office had helped me finger myself to orgasm several times that night.

That didn’t stop me hating him, though or regretting dressing more provocatively than I intended that day. I hadn’t expected him to be in the office. There was no meeting on the calendar. But when he’d called his PA to demand we meet with less than five minutes notice, every sales and account manager had run to the board room for fear of being on his shit list.

The provocative outfit wasn’t that bad. The air conditioner in my open-plan office was broken, and maintenance was waiting for a critical part. The day before, I’d come home dripping with sweat and ready to punch anyone who commented on it. I had no other option but to wear my short cotton dress with the low front and slits up the side. It wasn’t until I was sat in the board room, legs crossed, that I realised the slits revealed my entire thigh, exposing nearly to my knickers.

“Don’t be a prick, Jeff,” he said down the phone with a growl that reminded me of my fantasy about him from the night before. I pulled at the hem of my dress with trembling hands as I remembered my dream of his hands gripping my hips as he fucked me over the arm of my sofa. I hadn’t even needed my vibrator last night with that image, and I’d come within ten minutes of getting home after having him shout down the phone at me earlier that day. At least in my fantasies, I was in control, something I couldn’t imagine would happen if we hooked up. Not that I’d let that happen.

He glanced around the room at each of us. Did he see us as his minions? I knew from the way several of my colleagues licked their lips that they’d happily do whatever he wanted them to if he just said the words. At eleven o’clock every day, all the women from accounts would share a look he’d given them or a comment he’d shared that had convinced them he wanted them.

His eyes paused briefly on me at the unfortunate moment I was trying to yank down my dress, which only made the low V of the front dip even more. I covered myself as a boob threatened to pop out.

He raised an eyebrow momentarily before continuing his inspection of his team.

How dare he raise his eyebrow at me. How could I hate him and yet imagine him bending me over my desk at the same time?

He made each of us share our figures for that week, and then he quizzed us on what our plans for the year were. I flicked through my notes, desperately trying to think of something innovative to say, but I had nothing to add.

He tipped his head in my direction, which was his way of demanding I go to the front and face his bullshit. I closed my eyes as I stood to stop me rolling my eyes. I didn’t understand why we had to go to the front; it wasn’t fucking school.

With his back to everyone else, his gaze ran across my body. I fought the temptation to nibble my lip. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

“Go on,” he said before licking his lips.

His bold attitude froze me to the spot. Usually, I’d give as good as I got but the deep timbre of his voice combined with the look of lust I swore he was giving me left me speechless. It was as if my fantasy was teasing me again, and I could hear the same deep timbre in my head whispering the dirtiest commands to me.

“Today, please,” he added, causing wetness to pool in my knickers. I fumbled with my papers. He licked his lips which had transformed into a grin. To everyone else, it looked like I was struggling with his request, but he knew that’s not what was happening. Fucking bastard.

My anger propelled my words forward, and I gave an excellent presentation considering I hadn’t had any time to prepare and that I was fighting arousal that made my skin prickle with heat.

When I finished, he didn’t quiz me like he had everyone else. Instead, he tilted his head, gave me one last look and nodded my dismissal. I could have killed him in that second, but instead, I purposely dropped my folder next to him and whispered “dickhead” in his ear as I bent down to pick it up.

His chuckle surprised me. I’d never insulted a boss before to his face, especially not the owner of the company who could call for my immediate dismissal, but he brought out my fire.

I strode away and slumped in my chair, unsure if I wanted to punch him or fuck him. The rest of the presentations were a blur. I was only conscious of the back of his head and the occasional movement he gave in his chair. He wasn’t wriggling, but it was as if he suddenly couldn’t keep still.

Suddenly he turned. “Not bad. Not great, but not bad. Some of you need to work on your plans for the year, and a couple of you need to start managing your fucking teams. Now get back to work.” Each of us got to our feet and collected our stuff. I smoothed down my dress for good measure. “Except you.”

I looked up, wondering which sucker was on his shit list now.

He was looking right at me. Of course he was. Fuck.

“You can stay with me. We need to talk about your work.”

I’d avoided being alone in a room with him since the incident in his office. I wasn’t scared of what he’d do to me, but I was scared of what I wanted to do to him. Punch or fuck were the two highest things on my list.

“Lucky, bitch,” one of the accounting team whispered in my ear as she slipped past me on her way to the door.

He pointed to the chair next to him, and I slowly walked and sat while the room emptied. There was no point arguing with the boss.

“First, I want to say that you’re working well, and I am impressed with the plans you laid out,” he said slowly with a hint of admiration in his voice.

“Are you serious?”

That question got me a glare. He didn’t like questions that didn’t need to be asked.

I crossed my legs and marvelled at the way his gaze climbed up my thighs. If asked, I would have denied my actions, but I’d done it to tease him. Hearing his compliment gave me a funny kind of confidence.

“Secondly, I’d appreciate it if you wore something more demure to work next time,” he said, shifting his trousers.

I grinned, knowing I had him where I wanted him for the first time. “You’re not allowed to ask that,” I replied, leaning forward so that the low V of my dress hung lower.

“I believe I am,” he said as he closed his eyes. Was he so desperate to look down the front of my dress that he’d had to close his eyes? My hornyness latched on to my need to repay how angry he’d made me in the past. I wanted power over him.

“See, the thing is,” I replied as I waited for his eyes to open again. “The air con in my office is broken, and we are in the middle of a heatwave. If you would prefer me to be a sweaty mess, then I can wear something different.” I readjusted my seat position, crossing my legs slower this time before raising my arms high in a fake stretch. At his angle, I realised that it looked like I had no knickers on. His eyes darkened as they returned to my thigh. “I will do whatever you want. The decision is yours, boss. Now, if you don’t mind, I have targets to hit.”

I sashayed towards the door. I revelled in my confidence and hoped he was watching my arse as I walked away.

“I didn’t say you could go,” he grunted. That’s when I knew I had him.

I turned, finding him standing behind me. For a second, he stared at my eyes, waiting for consent. I let my lip slip between my teeth before replying, “Go on then, I dare you.”

Like lightning crackling out of nowhere, he exploded. He pushed me against the wall, pinning my hands above my head with one hand. The other moved slowly down my body, across my breasts, pausing to grab my hip before moving lower. His erection was hard against my body, and I rubbed myself against him.

His hand was coarser than I expected as it slipped below the hem of my dress. I opened my legs for him, and his palm brushed between my thighs. He kissed my neck, giving the slightest bite before sucking hard enough to leave a mark. Everything trembled as he fingered the hem of my knickers before slipping beneath and grazing my skin. I jumped at the contact. It was the barest touch but felt so good.

“You were wearing underwear. I’m a little disappointed,” he growled in my ear as I wriggled against his finger. “I love it when a woman goes commando; it makes me want to fuck her hard.”

My whimper surprised both of us.

His laugh was as deep as his growl, and it filled every inch of my body, making me breathe deeply. He smelt woody yet musky, and I longed for his scent to brand my skin.

The tip of his finger was suddenly on my clit, and I ground myself against him wanting more. My hands were still pinned within his grasp, and I moved as if controlled by an invisible power pushing myself against him as he held me in place. I was out of control as I writhed against his finger.

“Maybe you should remove my knickers,” I groaned back.

He let out a deep sigh, and his body shuddered against mine. “Good idea. Lift your hem for me, gorgeous,” he released my hands and dropped down to his knees. My head fell back, only held up by the wall, and I gripped the hem of my dress with both my hands revealing my covered pussy to him.

He sucked my clit through my knickers, sending a shot of arousal to my core. The ache in my belly that had demanded satisfaction all morning seemed to grow and burn with pure need.

Slowly he slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of my lacy black knickers before dragging them down my legs. My pussy was exposed to him. The heat inside me was at odds with the cool air between my thighs.

I lifted my legs to step out of my knickers and watched as he slipped them in the pocket of his chinos. He winked at me in a way that made me blush. He ran his hands up and down my legs, never reaching my pussy, before blowing cool air on my wet clit, cooling the air and making me revel in unexpected tingles that crisscrossed my body.

Even when I tried to be in control, he turned me into a mess.

He kissed up my legs, pushing them further apart as he got higher. He gripped one thigh tightly with his hand. The slightest sensation of pain turned me on, and I couldn’t fathom why. I didn’t care. I wanted more of him. His skin was hot against mine, and I wondered what it would be like to straddle him and have his skin against my inner thighs as I rode him.

That we were in a boardroom, and anyone could come down the corridor and see us barely registered in my head. I wanted any part of him that he would give me.

“I’ve wanted to do this for years. Every time I considered it, I knew it would be the stupidest decision I ever made,” he said before swapping to my other leg and caressing it with his lips. As soon as he got to my pussy, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make coherent words, let alone sentences.

“Why now?” I whimpered as his kisses climbed higher.

“I couldn’t think of anything else. I didn’t even need to be here today, but I had to see you. Thank fuck for broken air conditioning.”

It wasn’t the sexiest line I’d ever heard, but the way he said fuck before sucking hard on my clit made me wobble so hard he had to grab my hips to stop me from falling. With a flat tongue, he licked up my pussy in one stroke. I managed to look down for the briefest moment. He looked back at me, his lips wet from my juices.

The most powerful man I’d ever met was on his knees and bringing me pleasure that went beyond every fantasy. His tongue was rough against my pussy. My body shook as he feasted on me. His fingers gripped me tightly as he licked and sucked. I held my cries in, but I desperately wanted to scream his name.

With the tip of his tongue, he made circles across my clit before he pushed it inside me. I bit my finger to stop the shouts that were desperately trying to flee my mouth. His tongue continued to thrust inside me. My body shook, and I closed my eyes, revelling in every sensation. I rocked against his mouth as he continued to push his tongue inside me, relentlessly giving me something I’d been missing on my own.

“Fucking hell, you’re the sexiest and sassiest woman,” he said suddenly as he pulled away and sat back on his heels. Even the slightest touch he gave me was enough to make the wetness touch my thighs. Occasionally he lent forward to run his knuckles between my thighs or give me a playful lick. “Play with yourself for me.”

I reached down and slid my fingertip across my clit. It was wetter than I expected, but I had enough friction to bring the familiar arousal that my touch gave me. He watched with a satisfied smile on his face. I slid a finger inside me, but it wasn’t enough because I wanted him.

My brow furrowed as I tried to get the release I desperately needed. It was like there was a raging battle in front of me, and I couldn’t win; however hard I tried.

“You’re not going to cum for me?” he asked.

“I can’t,” I replied. It wasn’t a whine, but it could have been. I was desperate for an orgasm.

“How about now?” he asked as he stood up and slid two fingers inside me. He pumped me hard as I continued to rub my clit. The combination of him and I together made my arousal somersault throughout my body. The burning in my belly had transformed into a fire that nothing could put out. I squeezed my thighs to make him pump quicker and harder. “Cum for me,” he growled in my ear. “If you do it now, I’ll take you for dinner tonight and then fuck you hard on the balcony of my apartment so that everyone can see how fucking delicious you are. Cum for me.”

Stars exploded, and I came close to blacking out. I held my breath as I crossed into an earth-shattering climax. He pressed a hand over my mouth so that I could scream against him. I pushed myself into the wall as every limb clenched before releasing. I wanted him inside me. I wanted him to bend me over a balcony and fuck me from behind. He kissed and sucked on my neck as I came apart against him. My body turned to jelly as my orgasm ripped through me. I panted hard as he took his hand off my mouth. His shit-eating grin made me laugh and want to punch him. Even as he sucked his fingers, the smile didn’t leave his face. Slowly I came down from my high, my energy gone and satisfaction my reward.

“Best day at work I’ve ever had,” he said with a chuckle as he smoothed my dress down. As I struggled to stand by myself, he grabbed my hip. “You okay?”

“I’m fucking awesome,” I laughed. “Best meeting I’ve had with you, but not my best day at work.”

“The day isn’t over yet, gorgeous,” he replied with a wink that made my legs tremble, much to my annoyance. I rolled my eyes, trying to hide the effect he had on me. I was now in the boss’ fan club, but I wasn’t going to let him know that.

“Maybe catch you later,” I said as I walked shakily to the papers that I hadn’t remembered dropping on the floor.

He grabbed me and kissed me hard on the mouth, making me quiver again. “I’ll pick you up at five.” There was a hint of a question. Maybe he wasn’t as self-assured as he appeared. I kissed him back just as fierce and walked him back towards the wall. We made out like teenagers. I grabbed and pulled at his shirt as his hands kneaded my bum beneath my dress. His chino covered erection rubbed against my pussy, and at the friction, I ground myself against him.

I leant back breathless. “If you insist, lovely,” I replied before giving him one last peck and leaving the room, my papers forgotten.