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My Occupational Hazard anthology features a variety of workplaces that aren’t the obvious locations for a passionate encounter. Still, they all have the opportunity to be a hotbed for incredible sex.

Think back to when you last visited the hairdressers or hair salon, for some that might be quite some time if they cancelled your appointment due to COVID. When you sat facing the giant mirror and dressed yourself in the unusual backwards cape, did you consider having sex right there? I’ve had that thought. Dye Hard, the first story in my new anthology, was born out of an unexpected experience I had at the hairdressers. Sadly, I didn’t get to have sex in my salon, but it was one of my earliest experiences of being turned on by a stranger.

I was a timid teenager, even into my late teenage years. Innocent barely comes close to describing what I was like. I used to get nervous if guys came near me in pubs, wanted to chat me up in town or dance with me in clubs. I was missing out, but I didn’t know by how much until one Saturday when I was nineteen years old. That morning I found myself sitting in the hairdresser chair of a charming, gorgeous stylist. He had muscley forearms and a touch that turned me on in ways I’d never experienced before. I couldn’t freak out about him getting close because it was his job. He was professional, and yet the way his fingers slid through my hair, and his fingertips grazed my scalp spurred on a desire that was unknown to me. His caress to the tips of the strands that held his focus brought the heat to my core. I didn’t know where to look or how to behave. The experience was a revelation that gave me a very similar reaction to the one in the story. I’ll let you guess the response I mean.

After my trip to the hairdressers, I wanted to experience a man’s touch and the arousal that accompanied it again. I left the hairdressers with a massive crush on a hot as hell hairdresser. But I also walked out with an understanding of what it was to be stimulated without mercy. I immersed myself in the sensation of being touched and played with and submitted to someone who knew their skill. It was the beginning of a significant stage of my life, and from that day, there was no turning back.

Here is a paragraph from Dye Hard, the first of six stories in my new anthology

“You’re not going to tell me where we met?” she asked. How can I get him out of his shell again? “Have we had sex, but you weren’t good, so I tried to forget about you?” It was a joke that she couldn’t believe she’d let slip out of her mouth.

He moved closer to whisper into her ear. There was a twinkle in his eye as he held her gaze in the mirror. “Kristen, if we had sex you’d never forget me. I would be the most giving lover you’d encountered. I’d lift you off this chair and sit you on my lap, gently at first, giving you the chance to feel the effect you have on me. I’d run my hands under your denim skirt, scratch at your tights, stroke your shapely thighs, by the way, I know they’re shapely, I’ve already seen them, fantasised about them.”


He silenced her with a hand on her shoulder, his shirt cuff opening slightly. His forearm was strong, and it flexed as he held her. Her belly-flopped again. The hint of a black tribal tattoo peeked out from under his sleeve. That rang a bell—but from where? His words caressed her. His breath at her ear made it tricky to concentrate on anything but what he was sharing.

“…as you grind into my crotch. I would nuzzle at your jaw, your neck, behind your ears where I know, from today, you’re particularly sensitive.”

She fought the urge to lean closer and let him nuzzle her. Oh my God, I’ve been reacting to him the entire time he’s been doing my hair. “But I would need to kiss you properly, the way I always want to when I see you. I’d reach for you. With my hand on the back of your neck, I would suck on your lip. You’d imagine what other parts of you I’d enjoy sucking. Then I’d grip your sexy bum and—”

“Billy, your next client is here,” a voice called out, drawing him out of his trance. 


Occupational Hazard is a collection of six sexy stories set in six sexy workplaces. You can buy it or get it through Kindle Unlimited here.

These mouth-watering stories have a work focus from the factory floor to a trip to the hairdressers to a romance that blossoms on the set of a sexy reality show. This collection breaks the mold, every setting is different, and every couple is in a different stage of their relationship. The anthology includes first romance, exes, an established married couple, and second chance. Women with men, women with women and those impacted by some of life’s more challenging experiences. Everyone gets to journey through their desires in this anthology, and maybe it’s your turn to enjoy yours too.

It also features a sneak peek of Rebecca Chase’s debut contemporary romance, Head Over Feels.


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