Is Height an Issue for Dating

Is height your turn off…

When you start chatting to someone you never know what’s going on behind that mobile. That was a lesson I learnt many times when dating, especially with the guy I’ll call Stinky Winky.

But before I tell you about him I need to remind you of something that I revealed in a previous blog.  Come closer, that’s right, now here we go.

I’m short. I’m talking a tiny bit under 5 foot kind of short.

height and datingIt’s affected me when dating. Contrary to what my male friends say many guys really don’t seem to be keen on short women. I don’t know why because we’re easy to lift, we always make you look tall and we tend to be cute. Although, unfortunately, some guys don’t like cute either.

Anyway, why is my height significant? Read on and you’ll find out.

Oh, there is something else you should know… I used to be a good, Christian girl. Yeah, I know, good Christian girl turned erotic romance writer. It’s the stuff legends are made of. Get over it.

The Good Christian Girl Days

In those days I dabbled for a short time with online Christian dating sites. While on one particular site I got chatting to Stinky Winky. He seemed nice enough. Not too flirty, kind of cute and easy to talk to. We’d chatted a couple of times using the messenger part of this site (it was the old days and they didn’t have a phone app). I was too nervous too swap numbers  but over time I started to trust a bit more.

One day the conversation got round to my height. I didn’t think it was anything to be embarrassed about so I told him.

His next message was, “Ah okay. As it happens I’m not really looking for anyone to date.” And then he stopped speaking to me.

I was gutted and I knew I was being bullshitted. Was my height really that bad? It wasn’t like I was ever going to be able to change it.

height datingEventually I moved on, although my confidence had taken a massive hit. What if every guy felt that way? Friends had told me I was beautiful but at the end of the day what did that matter if my height was that much of a turn off.

About a year later I started going to a new church. I met a new group of friends, all female and all using the Christian dating website. One Sunday one of these friends walked into church with her new boyfriend… you guessed it, Stinky Winky!

I recognised him from the pictures I’d seen the year before. He recognised me too, it was obvious from the furtive looks he gave me. Maybe he was trying to place me but couldn’t work out where from. either way I was amused. He couldn’t look away!

But that wasn’t the end

Eventually my friend broke up with him. Suddenly all the secrets came out. I learnt that at some point he’d approached every female in my group of friends. That was kind of understandable, it wasn’t like there was a big pool of Christian girls in that town to pick from.

But there was more. Stinky Winky had confessed to his girlfriend that he had a bit of an addiction to prostitutes, he had emotionally abusive tendencies to girlfriends and had only gone on the Christian dating websites because he knew the ladies on them were not only vulnerable but a lot more trusting.

I had a lucky escape.

Although not always the case I was relieved that my lack of height had kept me safe on this occasion, goodness knows what would have happened if I hadn’t been a pocket rocket!

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2 Replies to “Is Height an Issue for Dating”

  1. Holy hell…what a piece of sh*t he sounds like. He admitted that he went on a Christian dating site to take advantage of trusting women? Gross. Sorry he hurt your feelings, but glad you dodged a bullet!

    And just for the record, I think your height is so freaking cute 🙂

    1. Thank you. It doesn’t always feel cute but I guess when you have the daintiest feet you have to smile 🙂 I’m glad I dodged it too. Best to have a guy who likes me for my height rather than in spite of it.

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