D is for Dick Pic: How to do it Properly (or at least Better)

dick pic anonymityIn my last post, D is for Dick Pic, I talked about some of the reasons men choose to send pictures of their dicks to virtual strangers.

Some people find photos like these a form of harassment. Others find them harmless and there are those that get a bit of excitement and a turn on from them. If you’re going down the route of sending a dick pic, tit pic, fanny photo or something a bit more teasing then there’s some things you need to keep in mind.

Stay Safe While Taking and Sending a Dick Pic

Consider using a filter on the photo or some sort of subtle effect. It will help hide some of the blemishes and bits you’re less proud of and might make you feel more confident. I’m not suggesting airbrushing it within an inch of its life but a few subtle changes in lighting can go a long way. Apps like Snapseed can be your new best friend.

If you’re a woman who wants to take a tit pic or underwear shot and you’re a bit belly conscious then take it lying down with the camera near your head and angled down your body.

Invest in some nice underwear. Although the other person probably won’t be looking at it, wearing something tight fitting, lacy or pretty will bolster your confidence. No one wants a photo with skid marks or unsightly stains on the clothing unless they’re into a whole different kind of fetish. You want the person you’re messaging to be excited, not preparing the washing machine.

Always check the background of the photo before it’s sent. We’d probably hate for the potential to see our box of sanitary towels, the reflection of our nipples, some really freaky sex toys that we failed to mention we’re into or, even worse, our home address on a letter! Try not to become one of those Social Media laughing stocks when your photo is circulated for all the wrong reasons.

Less is More

If you’re thinking of sending a naked photo maybe you should consider some other options first. You could try sending a photo of yourself in a pretty dress or sexy suit, a fancy dress outfit or even some sexy underwear. It doesn’t matter what the potential wants to see you in, you’re in control. It’s your camera and your body. If the potential doesn’t like what you send them then they can bugger off. It’s meant to be a flirty and fun option. It’s not a reason to be treated negatively or feel like you’re fending off unruly demands.

No Criminal Activity

If you’re under eighteen, don’t send or receive any photos. Don’t put someone else in the situation where they could get in trouble. Don’t request photos from anyone under eighteen either. It’s illegal and you could end up with a police caution or, for more serious cases, on the sex offenders register.

Don’t share anyone else’s private sexual photos and films without their consent. Revenge porn is a criminal offense and if you do it then you’re also a completely nasty fuckwit.

Finally, and in my opinion this is the most important one to remember, never and I mean never, unless you’re in a very trusting, long-term relationship, never ever include your face in the sexual photos or films you send. Some people are shitheads and, illegal or not, will still use the photos to threaten you, for shits and giggles, post them online for humiliation purposes or as a boast, or keep them in their online wank bank, indefinitely. It’s even been a story on Coronation Street. There are people in this world you’d never want to see your pillowcase up close, let alone your intimate fun zones. So have a good think before you send any photos and never show your face.

My Own Dick Pic Experiences

Dick picI’ve only ever received one dick pic that included the face. We’ll call him Harry Beaver because his preference was for women’s fun zones to be a certain way. I’m not talking shaved, trimmed or tidy. Harry Beaver liked it to be a seventies afro down there! As I said, everyone has their preferences but it doesn’t stop me being surprised by them. Harry took a full frontal in front of the mirror for his photo message. I deleted it immediately but I still have nightmares about the smug grin on his face, not to mention the open legs and Godzilla hanging between them.

Thankfully, I’m not the type to embrace evil tactics but I could have been. Imagine if I was the type to post it online. Or had shown it to everyone I knew. Or projected the image of that smirk and meat stick onto the House of Commons. It would have meant some humiliation for him, maybe affected later relationships, friendships and his job. It was also hugely uncomfortable when I recognised him as he walked through town a few weeks later. Thankfully, he didn’t see the uncomfortable lady gawking and blanching in his direction.

Don’t let yourself be the victim of someone else’s madness. Be body proud but don’t be a humiliated, regretful fool that let one second of fun damage their lives.

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