Before the Slaughter, Sci-Fi Erotic Romance

I can’t convey how excited I am about Before the Slaughter, a sci-fi short story, which isn’t the greatest thing for a writer to say but I don’t care, I said it anyway. I remember trying to come up with a concept for this story, I wanted to try my hand at the sci-fi aspect and for a while I toyed with different ideas.

Sci-fi erotic romanceInitially I considered what online dating might look like in the future; matched on your genes and virtual reality dates. I thought of a story I could write based around those ideas but it wasn’t sci-fi enough for me. If I was going to do it I was going to embrace it. But, I like a frame of reference too. While my imagination struggles to rein itself in at times it also needs something it knows to cling on to. I’m the woman who sees two people having dinner and creates a world of dark espionage for them, I’m the person who notices that my next door neighbour hasn’t been about recently and wonders if he’s joined a cult!

But what made me go with the idea that this story is based on?

Before the Slaughter was eight miles of walking in the making. When I can’t decide what to write about or when I need to put detail to an idea plan I walk. I can’t say I saw a green leaf and thought about bodies that sparkle when they climax. There wasn’t a man being attacked by a dog leading me to think about the variety of aliens that might exist on a planet of prisoners, many who are waiting on death row. I can’t even say I saw two people making out and thought about a woman trained to service the needs of death row prisoners the night before they go to slaughter. But somehow on my walk it came to me. Thank goodness it did because my feet were getting tired!

before the slaughterSummary

Before the Slaughter is based around a Heterate, a being trained in giving death row prisoners one final night of pleasure before they go to slaughter. Eshmay has never known sex and seduction to be more than just a job, that is until she meets Timosh. Will she risk her life to be with him or will she send the being she loves off to slaughter after a final night together?

You can buy the book by clicking on this link: Before the Slaughter

But if you want to know more here is a teasing excerpt, I hope you enjoy.


Their last date together had started with the usual catch-up of their lives. Timosh didn’t glow with blue when she mentioned clients she’d serviced since their last date. They tried not to talk about it too much. Sometimes she’d offer him stories of her training with Klima; it turned him on, making him shimmer and leading to questions and illicit kisses. But the stories of clients brought a pale yellow tinge to his skin.

“Jealousy,” he’d explained, while his mouth satisfied her, kissing down her naked body. “Do your clients kiss you here?”

Lips had caressed her nipples, his tongue slowly circling her pink nub.

“Yes,” she moaned as his tongue swirled around her sensitive puckered skin before biting down. A whimper was freed from her full lips making his whole body shimmer with the remarkable green colour, like diamonds sparkling in a pool of green sea.

“And do they turn you on like I do?” The yellow was fading but her attention was focused on the journey of his hand. There was nothing tentative about his movements as he slid it beneath her silk knickers.

“No one turns me on like you do.” No lies poured from her mouth, only whimpers of pleasure set free when he dragged his finger from her clit to her lips, covering it with her wetness. It was quiet in the Pleasure Room, in the reality he’d chosen; a luxurious king sized bed that sat on its own island of sand, turquoise sea surrounding them. It was based on one of the private honeymoon islands on Planet Delphi. This one was created for them.

Again and again she murmured his name. Tasting the swell of her breasts he pushed one then two fingers inside her, curving them and stroking her g-spot. Men like Eli knew how to make a woman come but with Timosh there was truth and yearning to his movements. The way Timosh touched her and turned her on made her feel pure, she knew it was only him that could satisfy her fully.

I’m meant to be serving him.

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