B is for…Boredom

Boredom can be a bit of a dating plague but…you’re doing internet dating and have done for a while. So let me ask you something as we hit B.

Why did you start internet dating?

b is for boredomSit, think, maybe boil the kettle, grab yourself a digestive and have a really good contemplative moment.

Why did you join the site(s) you’re on, why did you decide to download that app or come up with that weird username that you spent about half an hour thinking about? Why did you search through all your photos to find the one that made you look hotter than normal but still vaguely like yourself? Do you remember the day you spent hours trying to take the flawless Kim Kardashian selfie? Maybe you were picking the perfect outfit, you know the one that hides your protruding belly, gives your boobs that lift, suggests you have a six pack or makes you look hilarious (delete as appropriate).

All this effort must have been for a reason. Unless you didn’t put any effort into the process at all. Shame on you, you know who you are.

There’s no point being worried or ashamed. If there was a reason what was it? Say it in your head right now.

Go on, say it.

Reasons for Internet Dating

It’s safe to say that people do internet dating for a multitude of reasons. Here are some of mine from the last couple of years:

• Because I wanted to find love
• Because I wanted to feel turned on
• Because I missed texting guys
• Because I wanted to go on dates
• Because I was hurting
• Because I wanted to feel attractive
• Because I wanted to find a boyfriend

I can’t say I’m proud of all of those reasons, in fact until I started writing them down I’d probably never admitted some of them.

Maybe yours are more varied and surprising. Some of the reasons from guys I’ve spoken to have included:
• To get laid
• To have sex
• To shove their cock in someone

I’m joking, I know there are more reasons that that, although I expect sex is frequently in the back of our minds.

Real reasons have included:
• Boredom
• Wanting a spouse
• Loneliness
• Feeling ugly
• Wanting a baby
• Being on the rebound
• Not able to pick up a potential in “real life”, maybe because they’re busy, not confident
• Told to by their mates or signed up by mates
• To move on in life
• Finding someone to do things with at weekends
• To stop hurting
• To meet new people
• Wanting someone to care about them
• Wanting to feel accepted for who they are
• Sex, sex and of course sex

boredomB is for Boredom

When it comes to online dating we need to remember our reasons for doing it and stay focused on them. If you want sex then focus on that, if you want a boyfriend or girlfriend then don’t forget it.

I mentioned in the title of this post that B is for Boredom and that is a genuine reason for many to pursue online dating. We don’t like to be bored, especially as boredom can lead to loneliness. It’s as valid a reason as any other to try online dating. In the next post, I’ll tell you about Slick Dick and how he went from a seemingly nice, honest guy looking to escape loneliness to a person who lost that focus, leaving me and possibly others in the lurch due to his lack of honesty about his new found goals.

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